2021 Competitions   

                              The 2 Big Ones:
                 Best of Show*Best of Saturday

                                  ( Must have been done at the Festival )

     Best Small*Best Weird*Best Color*Best B&G
        Best Large*Best Sleeve*Best Ornamental
            Best Neo/Traditional*Best Realistic
                             Best New School   

                           Saturday Program:

                                      14.00 COMP- Small 
15.00 COMP- Weird
16.00 COMP- Neo/Traditional
18.00 COMP- Black & Grey
19.00 COMP- Color
20.00 COMP- Best of Day
                           Sunday Program:
                                                                             14.00 COMP- Ornamental
14.30 COMP- New School
15.30 COMP- Realistic
16.00 COMP- Sleeve/Leg
18.00 COMP- Large
18.30 COMP- Best of Show

  Basic Important Info about the competitions

  Only artists working the Festival can attend
                        the Competitions!

You can max. register for only 3 categories 
                 pr. day + Best of Day/Show.

              4 Jury members will judge all
                  Competition attendee´s

                Tropheys for all winners +
               Diploma for 1-2 & 3rd place 

                       Best of Show winner
           Name engraved at The Trophey Cup
                    (Win it 3 times and it yours to keep)
         Feature in Mediazink & My Tattoo Inc.
             A FREE spot at 50 Shades Of Ink 
       in Copenhagen 2021 value Dkk. 5000.-